Disqualified person

It is an offence for a disqualified person to apply for a pink card application form.

A disqualified person is someone who:


  • has been convicted^ of a disqualifying offence, which includes having sex with a child (irrespective of the type of relationship e.g. teenage boyfriend/girlfriend, unlawful carnal knowledge) or other child-related sex or pornography offences or the murder of a child (irrespective of the penalty and regardless of when and where it occurred)

  • is the subject of:


    • reporting obligations or an offender prohibition order under the  Child Protection (Offender Reporting and Offender Prohibition Order) Act 2004

    • a disqualification order issued by a court prohibiting them from applying for or holding a blue card

    • a sexual offender order under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003.

*Non-conviction charge means, whether a person was charged as an adult or a child, a charge that:

  • has been withdrawn

  • that has been the subject of a nolle prosequi, a no true bill or a submission of no evidence to offer

  • that led to a conviction that was quashed on appeal

  • the person was acquitted or disposed of by a court otherwise than by way of conviction.

*Conviction/convicted means a finding of guilt by a court, or the acceptance of a plea of guilty by a court, whether or not a conviction is recorded and regardless of when and where it occurred.

A disqualified person can apply to be declared eligible to apply for a pink card in certain limited circumstances.

If you have any questions about who may be a disqualified person, contact Pink-Card Administration

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